The roots of the department go back to 1805, when the pathology, therapy and clinical department was opened as a part of Universities doctors and medical sciences branch, and the students were able to comprehend the therapeutic science and hone skills under the experienced physicians’ supervision. Then, in 1863, this department was reorganized into department of surgery and therapy, additional therapeutic clinic with 75 beds was opened.

In 1920, during the Bolshevik ascendency most of the universities were closed, so university medical school has ceased to exist.

In 1992, with Ukraine’s independence and the democratic revival acquisition it seems to be possible to resume a classical medical education.

November 20, 1992 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine instructed the university to resume training of medicine professionals providing them with the right to medical practice by №185 order. In March 1993, medical faculty was opened (before 2008 – the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine), and the second phase of training of doctors at the University had coming.

Department of Internal Medicine (until 2008 – Internal Disease) was one of the faculty-forming, its age coincides with the age of the Medical Faculty.

Since its founding to the present time the department has heading by the first dean of the Medical Faculty, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nikolay Yabluchansky. It was on his initiative the best traditions of the world-famous Kharkov therapeutic school, established since the foundation of the Medical Faculty of Kharkov Imperial University, were put in the scientific and educational activities of the department.

Academic programs of disciplines for each of the courses were drawn up according to the credit-modular system, which is a pass-through from the first to the last day of training students in the faculty.

Syndromes’ principle was implemented in basis of the teaching of internal medicine propaedeutic since the beginning of the department, meanwhile instead the faculty and hospital therapy outlines internal medicine. This approach began to be used later in all health care facilities medical profile of country.

In addition to academic work in 1992 the research work have been renewed at the department, generally it was focused on optimality of the disease; neurohumoral regulation in the development, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases; the development and practical application of new methods of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

From 1992 “The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University,” series “Medicine” (until 2002 – «School of Fundamental Medicine Journal») was published by the staff of the department, which was included in the list of specialized editions of Ukraine.

Since 2003, research projects with public funding are performed in conjunction of the students. For example, in 2003-2005, non-linear dynamic effects in autonomic regulation of cardiac biomechanics were studied; in 2006-2008 biofeedback technology developed on the basis of heart rate variability in patients with hypertension; in 2010, it was started the work on the medical management of patients with implanted pacemakers. The results of this research are introduced into clinical practice and teaching of the Department of Internal Medicine of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and the Department of therapy and nephrology of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkiv railway clinical hospital №1 of the branch “Center of healthcare” of public joint stock company “Ukrainian Railway”, Kharkiv city polyclinics No 6 and No 24.

Since 2009 the teaching of disciplines taught in English.