At the department of internal medicine are trained students in Ukrainian and English languages in 3 disciplines, including:

  1. “INTERNAL MEDICINE WITH MILLITARY THERAPY” for 5th year students. Monitors of discipline: assistant Tatiana S. Glavatskih (Ukrainian language) and Ph.D., assistant professor Larysa V. Bogun (English language).
  2. “Production Medical Practice” for 5th year students.
  3. Module “INTERNAL MEDICINE” in discipline “INTERNAL MEDICINE WITH INFECTIOUS DISEASES AND PHTHISIOLOGY” for 6th year students. Monitors of discipline: Ph.D., associate professor Natalia Lysenko, Ph.D., associate professor Inna V. Soldatenko (Ukrainian language) and PhD, assistant Tatiana A. Deriyenko, Ph.D., assistant professor Iryna V. Shop (English language).