Scientific work

The scientific work of the department is an integral part of its activities. Scientists who work in the department are well recognized experts in their fields, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

The department carried out two new researches “Development and research of system of automatic control of heart rate variability in cardiology practice” and “Drug therapy of patients with implanted pacemakers.” In addition, members of the department are co-investigators in a major international clinical trial of a new drug for the treatment of 2 type diabetes.

Since the foundation of the department, the staff of department defended 20 candidates and 3 doctoral dissertations. Currently at the Department planned and executed 5 candidates and 2 doctoral dissertations.

The results of their own researches are reflected in 20 articles in journals, that have impact factors and are included in the foreign scientometric bases and more than 200 articles in domestic specialized publications. Innovative approaches in researches are confirmed by numerous patents and copyright certificates.

Department organized and conducted 25 scientific and practical conferences, including 17 – International. The staff of the department took part in more than 100 conferences, congresses, symposiums, forums, etc., including 70 – International, with reports on the results of their own researches.

An integral part of the scientific work of the department is the organization of student’s scientific circles, which are the structural units of the scientific community of students, graduate students, doctoral students and young scientists of the Medical Faculty.

Students of scientific circle, together with the employees of the department, are actively involved in clinical parsing and formal care conferences, scientific conferences, congresses, forums, symposiums and research, the results of which have already published in more than 50 articles in specialized journals, including 7 – in foreign.

At the initiative of the students of the scientific circle of the Department, organized and carried out about 30 scientific and practical conferences, including 12 – International, during which the students covered the results of their researches.