Students scientific section

Student scientific section (SSS) of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Medical Faculty V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University was organized in 2002.

The main purpose of the SSS is to assist in the implementation of scientific, creative and clinical potential of students and young scientists in various fields of internal medicine.

Students of scientific section, together with the staff of the department, are actively involved in clinical parsing and formal care conferences, scientific conferences, congresses, forums, symposiums and research, the results of which have already published in more than 50 articles in specialized journals, including 7 – in foreign.

At the initiative of the students of the scientific section of the Department was organized and carried out circa 30 scientific and practical conferences, including 12 – international, during which the students covered the results of their researches.

All students who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of internal medicine and wish to take part in the research work of the department can contact us by e-mail